Christian and Muslim leaders press conference

Christian and Muslim leaders and scholars from around the world have been meeting at the World Council of Churches in Geneva since Monday 1 November to address issues of common concern and provide guidance for cooperation between Muslims and Christians, including faith-inspired approaches for joint Christian-Muslim action.

With their deliberations ending Thursday morning, a press conference will be held


Thursday, 4 November
at 4:30 pm

in the Ecumenical Centre,
150, route de Ferney

Visser 't Hooft Hall
(free parking available)


A joint statement from the group will be released and discussed. The statement will describe areas of common understanding, practical recommendations and concrete ways the group has agreed upon to follow up, as presented in the joint statement.


Additionally, the group is also issuing a joint statement on the recent tragedy in Baghdad, Iraq, where nearly 58 people were killed after gunmen took hostages in the Sayidat al-Nejat Church and security forces stormed the church to end the siege.


The press conference will include,

  • Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary, World Council of Churches (WCC);
  • Dr Muhammed al-Sammak, secretary general, National Council for Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Lebanon;
  • Rev. Dr Bernice Powell Jackson, WCC president for North America and minister in the United Church of Christ (USA);
  •  Prof. Dr Munir El-Kassem, president of Islamic Institute for Interfaith Dialogue in Canada.

Both El-Kassem and al-Sammak are members of the World Islamic Call Council.


During the 3 days of discussions this week the group explored issues about majority and minority concerns, conflict and justice and developing educational tools to resolve issues and create greater understanding between the faiths.


For more information about the consultation and the presentations visit


The consultation's conveners are the WCC, the World Islamic Call Society, the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute and the Consortium of A Common Word.


Press must show press credentials at the entrance. 


Arabic, French and English interpretation will be provided.



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